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Idaho ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Idaho. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Idaho has a total number of 312,492 ZIP Codes, and the first three digits range from 832-838. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
IDIdaho CountyLOLO59847
IDBear Lake CountyCOKEVILLE83114
IDCaribou CountyFREEDOM83120
IDCaribou CountyTHAYNE83127
IDBannock CountyPOCATELLO83201
IDBannock CountyPOCATELLO83202
IDBingham CountyFORT HALL83203
IDBannock CountyPOCATELLO83204
IDBannock CountyPOCATELLO83205
IDBannock CountyPOCATELLO83206
IDBannock CountyPOCATELLO83209
IDBingham CountyABERDEEN83210
IDBingham CountyAMERICAN FALLS83211
IDPower CountyARBON83212
IDButte CountyARCO83213
IDBannock CountyARIMO83214
IDBingham CountyATOMIC CITY83215
IDCaribou CountyBANCROFT83217
IDBingham CountyBASALT83218
IDBear Lake CountyBERN83220
IDBingham CountyBLACKFOOT83221
IDBear Lake CountyBLOOMINGTON83223
IDCuster CountyCHALLIS83226
IDCuster CountyCLAYTON83227
IDFranklin CountyCLIFTON83228
IDLemhi CountyCOBALT83229
IDCaribou CountyCONDA83230
IDFranklin CountyCLIFTON83232
IDBear Lake CountyDINGLE83233
IDBannock CountyDOWNEY83234
IDCuster CountyELLIS83235
IDBingham CountyFIRTH83236
IDFranklin CountyFRANKLIN83237
IDBear Lake CountyGENEVA83238
IDBear Lake CountyGEORGETOWN83239
IDCaribou CountyGRACE83241
IDOneida CountyHOLBROOK83243
IDButte CountyHOWE83244
IDBannock CountyINKOM83245
IDBannock CountyLAVA HOT SPRINGS83246
IDBannock CountyMCCAMMON83250
IDCuster CountyMACKAY83251
IDOneida CountyMALAD CITY83252
IDCuster CountyMAY83253
IDBear Lake CountyBENNINGTON83254
IDButte CountyMOORE83255
IDBingham CountyMORELAND83256
IDBear Lake CountyPARIS83261
IDBingham CountyPINGREE83262
IDFranklin CountyPRESTON83263
IDPower CountyROCKLAND83271
IDBear Lake CountySAINT CHARLES83272
IDBingham CountySHELLEY83274
IDBear Lake CountySODA SPRINGS83276
IDBingham CountySPRINGFIELD83277
IDCuster CountySTANLEY83278
IDBannock CountySWANLAKE83281
IDFranklin CountyTHATCHER83283
IDBonneville CountyWAYAN83285
IDFranklin CountyWESTON83286
IDBear Lake CountyFISH HAVEN83287
IDTeton CountyTWIN FALLS83301
IDTwin Falls CountyROGERSON83302
IDTwin Falls CountyTWIN FALLS83303
IDCassia CountyALBION83311
IDCassia CountyALMO83312
IDBlaine CountyBELLEVUE83313
IDGooding CountyBLISS83314
IDTwin Falls CountyBUHL83316
IDCassia CountyBURLEY83318
IDBlaine CountyCAREY83320
IDTwin Falls CountyCASTLEFORD83321
IDCamas CountyCORRAL83322
IDCassia CountyDECLO83323
IDLincoln CountyDIETRICH83324
IDJerome CountyEDEN83325
IDCamas CountyFAIRFIELD83327
IDTwin Falls CountyFILER83328
IDGooding CountyGOODING83330
IDGooding CountyHAGERMAN83332